The Bible is a powerful book when applied effectively. No matter what translation you read from, there are nuggets of wisdom that you can get when you take the time to read your Bible. When you give it an honest read, take notes, and strive to have deeper understandings every time you crack it open, you will appreciate so many benefits in your life. In this article, you'll get to know some areas that the Bible can help you with and how you can get the most from your reading.

#1: Use the Bible to help you with your finances and business

Money is something that affects everyone, no matter what type of life you live. Whether you don't have any money issues or you always find yourself struggling with it, it's important that you put money in its proper place in your life. There are several books of the Bible and scriptures that can help you learn more about getting the most from your money. Many parts of the Bible discuss the principles of tithing, investing honestly, and being charitable and helping people in need. There are also several biblical stories of kings and other great men and women who have overcome struggles to earn riches.

#2: Deepen your prayer life with the help of some scripture

The Bible also will help you with your prayer life. A person who prays exercises their faith and lets God know the desires of their heart. The Book of Ephesians mentions putting on the full armor of God, which includes the breastplate of righteousness, the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the spirit. You can even anoint yourself each morning with oil and envision physical armor protecting you as you go through this scripture so that you walk out into the world with confidence and know that your faith offers you protection. There's also the Lord's Prayer and several other prayers you can follow that can help you when you'd like to deepen this part of your walk.

#3: Come up with a plan to read the Bible regularly

Once you buy the Bible translation that you like, the key is to read it regularly. By getting disciplined about it, you will change the way that you think and can grow your faith for the rest of your life. Even if you read the Bible a little bit each morning, it builds momentum and can help give you the strength to get through your days with perseverance and understanding.

Consider these three tips and look for a translation of the Bible, such as the Bible translation by William Tyndale, to start your study today.